International award honors BYU-I students


Logan McKee, a sophomore studying business management, is a former International Schools Sports Tournament basketball athlete and the winner of the Parker Bradford Memorial Award for Sportsmanship.

According to Church News Archive, Parker Bradford had been a basketball player for The American School of Paris. In his freshman year at BYU-Idaho, he perished in a swimming accident in the Snake River in 2007.

Bradford attempted to save his friend when they were both caught in a whirlpool in a canal. CPR was applied to both Bradford and his friend. Only his friend survived.

Bradford was 18 years old and preparing to go on a mission.

McKee said Bradford was also a competitor in the ISST.

The Parker Bradford Award is the most valuable player award for the male basketball player who most demonstrates the same characteristics as Bradford, according to the Zurich International School handbook for ISST basketball.

The ISST is an organization that annually hosts 22 championship divisions for varsity athletics.

It has 23 member schools all across Europe. There are 12 sports played in the tournament, including soccer, track and field, basketball, and baseball, according to the organization’s website.

McKee said he became interested in organized sports when he was 17 years old and living in Germany.

He ran track and field and played high school basketball for the Frankfurt International School in Germany.

That year, he competed in the ISST, but his team came in last place overall. He said he was new to the game and didn’t know all the rules.

When he turned 18 years old, his team competed in the ISST again. He said he traveled to locations like Holland, Paris and Vienna. There they played against other international schools from England, France, Greece and Switzerland.

“I wasn’t thinking of awards,” Mckee said. “I just wanted to play, and so that is the kind of intensity that I brought. I’m very grateful for it.”

McKee said his team made it to Tel Aviv, Israel to play in the tournament finals.

The Frankfurt International School finished the tournament in second place.

After the final game, he and all the players from the tournament put their arms around each other and joined in a circle.

While in the circle, the ISST host school director read the story about Parker Bradford.
McKee said he then saw video clips of Bradford playing basketball and pictures of him with the friend he attempted to save.

He was surprised when he discovered the Bradford family were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“The lights were all really dim so we could all see, and the athletic director said ‘And the Parker Bradford Award goes to Logan McKee from Frankfurt International School,’” Mckee said. “At that moment I was so overcome — I don’t even know with what emotions because I totally didn’t expect it.”

He said the greatest part of winning the award was meeting Parker’s father, Randall Bradford, who immediately gave him a hug after the announcement.

“He hugged me, but it wasn’t just a normal hug, you know.” Mckee said. “That hug felt as if he was hugging his son, Parker Bradford, who he had not seen in a few years. It was so powerful. He didn’t care that I was sweaty. It was just for that moment, it was as if I was his son. That was so special for me.”

McKee said he is still in contact with the Bradford family.

Logan McKee competed in the ISST in Belgium for track and field as well.

He won gold medals in high jump, triple jump and long jump. He broke his high school record for triple jump by 25 centimeters on the first jump, then broke it again on the second jump.

He said he did track and field at BYU-I, where he ran for the Hawks. At the end of the season, he won the BYU-I Competitive Sport Best Jumper Award for most consistent wins for high jump, long jump and triple jump.

McKee said he played competitive basketball for the Spartans during Winter Semester 2014 . He said it was a different experience for him because he had recently returned home from a mission, so he had to get back in the swing of things.

Logan McKee’s younger brother, Connor McKee said his older brother is a committed person who sticks up for his beliefs.

Connor McKee said, “He’s a good sportsman, he’s competitive, but he never let’s it get in the way of his character.”

Logan McKee said he has lived in Ghana, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, and England due to his father’s work as a physical facilities manager for the Church.

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