Movie of the Week


PRIMER  (2004)

Have you ever seen a movie that completely changed your idea of storytelling and the world around you?

For today’s blog I want to focus on the film Primer. This film came out in 2004, and I know it’s a bit dated but I wanted to share my thoughts on it because it shows a new way of filmmaking and storytelling that I believe we all can benefit from.

Warning: THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. I say that bold statement because I found its plot line to be sort of difficult to understand. It’s exciting in its one way but you would definitely need to watch it again to understand some of the science or plotline key moments.

**Think about when you watched the movie Inception, and how you had to go back to figure it out. **

Primer is a movie about two modern computer tech guys who accidently discover time travel in a machine they built. The most compelling about the story I found was the realism in the behavior of the two time travelers. They don’t seem over the top in an abnormal situation.

I felt the style it was shot was very interesting where there were a lot of scenes of people talking or doing activities like playing basketball and eating cereal. The funny thing is it all builds up the mystery in the film.

You start to see the world around differently. What if time travel was possible? What would normal people do with such power?

The idea of building a time machine in a garage seems cliché, but its something like an echo to the American Inventor where great idea come from the humblest places.

For a filmmaker this is an inspirational movie showing anybody with a good and creative idea can put a movie together.


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