Mclean High School – Mclean, VA

Advanced Dipolma – Member of the National Honor Society

June 2007

During my high school years I was really starting to like to learn and I wanted to make a worthy future. I knew college was coming fast and manhood wasn’t just an idea so I really had to work hard and discover for myself what I was really interested. I was particularly found of english literature and fictional stories. In my sophomore and senior years I had three great teachers who taught to love writing, reading, and story telling. I figured I would be an excellent story teller.


Northern Virginia Community College – Annandale, Va

September 2007 – 2010

After graduating high school with a distinct goal in mine, it was time to lay down the foundation for my future. I wanted to be a writer or screen writer. Now looking back I was completely inspired by movies and books. They spoke to me in a way that I always felt that i was destined to do the same.


Brigham Young – Rexburg, Id

September 2011 – Present

I’m currently now studying Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and Visual Media. I believe I would like to work in Web Design or make Commercials for a living. I’ve already completed half of my BA in Communications and I hope to learn more.


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