Communication 100

Week One                   I~COMM                                      March 25, 2013

Brother Thompson came in the first class heavily emphasizing us to join the I~Comm program.  He was very passionate about this program because it was preparing students for the communications work force. It was designed to give them hands on experience and skills with various jobs and practicum classes. Some of the I~Comm departments his associates mentioned were: Scroll (Journalism), Scroll Digital (Broadcasting Journalism), Soap Box Agency (Advertising).  Honesty, I felt bad because I didn’t feel I had enough time to go for these departments but I was really interested in joining the Soapbox because I was putting my emphasis on Advertising. I learned that I needed to take some prerequisites courses before I could get into these departments. They encouraged us to go out and just try it. Scroll Digital also looked interesting because I’ve wanted to work with cameras and editing software. I will do a program next semester because I know it will look good on a resume.

Week Two      Journalism                                             March 25, 2013

This class was an introduction about going into journalism. It seemed interesting because even if most of our news is online, the paper form is still relevant to our day. I found the class to be very spiritual, and in a new light I re-discovered journalism to be stories that connect us as human beings. The faculty member that came in to teach us the potential career in journalism saw journalism as a watchdog to society, meaning it kept certain governments or principalities in line with the rules and regulations of society.

Week Three     Video Journalism                             March 25, 2013

Brother Weekes came in to teach us about the potential careers in Video Journalism. I am very passionate about video production so naturally I found it to be very engaging. I learned the areas where video was needed in the corporate and journalistic world. Some of the ones I liked were: Corporate Video, Government Video, Independent Video Production, and Web Video/ Podcasting. He told us what classes I could take in a video production emphasis or module here at BYUI. I learned that I needed to make a blog, and write whatever I would like to because it will open doors for internships and other career opportunities.

Week Four   Visual Communications                  March 25, 2013

Sister Carolyn Esplin came in to introduce to us about the exciting career opportunities in visual media. I relearned it is a broad sense of using photography/ video production/ and good writing skills. Sister Esplin emphasized on the importance and popularity how more careers require visual media skills, and how graduate wished they had better writing skills. She asked us to get a Klout score for ourselves or ranking how much we are worth on the web based on how much content we have sent out on the web.  Now, I need to put more content online and get myself a Klout score.

Week Five       Graduation Plan                          March 25, 2013

Brother Christensent taught us the importance about making a grad-plan in order to graduate on time. He explained about the process of making a grad-plan on I-learn, and encouraged us to visit the academic discovery center to help us make one. I learned in order to apply for fast-grad (the fast graduation program) I need a certain GPA.

Week Six         Public Relations                        March 25, 2013

The faculty member and his associates introduced the concept of PR and the career opportunities associated with it like Human Resources, Social Media, and Speech Writers. I learned that I need to have PR on my resume or it will be tossed away by potential employers. They associates expressed how important are words, and PR writers are super valuable in the work force. I learned that PR and Advertising emphasis’s need to work together because they are both as important in the field of communication.

Week Seven     Advertising                              March 25, 2013

The faculty member that came in listed many aspects of advertising and its important levels in the business world. I learned the different type of advertisers like: Radio / T.V Producers, Public Relations Specialists, Direct-Marketing Specialists, Copywriters, Sales Promotion and Event Planners. She taught us the divisions of the media of advertising like billboards, transit, and product placement. I learned that the American Advertising Federation program at BYUI competes in a tournament to producing a great piece of advertising around the USA. It seemed very exciting.

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